Monday, November 5, 2012

Four Nails Per Shingle or Six Nails To Save Nine?

A wise person once said "A Stitch in Time May Save Nine." This proverb has been used on countless of subjects, also meaning to do it right the first time and save you from allot of headache. When it comes to installing shingles on a roof properly you want to be sure that they will withstand Mother Nature’s wrath for many years. There are many areas that have different building codes and requirements regulating a new roof installation. Only some potentially high wind areas require all contractors to install shingles using the six nailing pattern. In some cities there are almost no or very little building regulations for installing a new roof. Most home owners are at the mercy of the roofing contractor hired for their project. You would not think that an extra two nails per shingle would withstand wind force any better than the normal installation process. Over the years many architectural shingle have gotten longer and wider. Three tab shingles have never stood up to high winds very well because of how they are made. Six nails per shingle will provide a better long-lasting more durable roof. Many roofing contractors pay by piece work instead by the hour. In many situations a employee is installing the shingles as fast as possible without a thought about the quality of the installation in mind. In our present time the work ethics of roofers and construction workers has dropped downhill. It has changed drastically from the day where you did not need a contract, and a trusted handshake was all that was needed between the customer and the contractor. It has become a time were quantity is more important to quality to most employees and contractors. It is much faster to install shingles with a four nail pattern. A good roofing contractor that stands behind his work is becoming harder to find. A good roofing contractor should always enforce a rule to six nail each shingle when it is applied. The six nail method will reduce the chance of any wind damage that may occur from a severe storm. You also will get a more durable roof to match such a large investment in your home. If you are in the market for a new roof you need to ask plenty of questions and check old references before putting your name on the dotted line. Finding the right roofing contractor can be a scary task for many homeowners. Of course you want the job to be done right the first time to avoid many problems. To make sure that you receive the best roof installation possible have the contractor put it in writing that there will be six nails per shingle. As the old saying goes a stitch in time saves nine. Virginia Beach Roofing Company Virginia Beach Roofing Company

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